Wilson Jallet


PhD student
Gepetto team, LAAS-CNRS
WILLOW team, D.I. ENS and Inria

I am a second-year PhD student between the Gepetto team at LAAS-CNRS, and the WILLOW team of Inria Paris, under the supervision of Nicolas Mansard and Justin Carpentier.

Previously, I got an engineering degree from École polytechnique, in the Paris area, and a master's degree in applied mathematics and CS (MVA) from École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.

My work focuses on optimization and control for robotics.


See my Google Scholar, as well as my GitHub.


Our paper Constrained Differential Dynamic Programming: A primal-dual augmented Lagrangian approach has been accepted at IROS 2022. Check out the preprint here.

Our paper Implicit Differential Dynamic Programming has been accepted at ICRA 2022! Check out the final version here.